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New maintainerEdit

28 December 2001

A new maintainer has joined the Freeciv development team. He is Mike Kaufman.
Mike has been the maintainer of CivWorld the Freeciv scenario editor and helped in the creation of the new city dialog now in CVS.
Have a happy new year!

Vasco Alexandre da Silva Costa

Freeciv Feature at O'ReillyEdit

26 November 2001

Check out the cool Freeciv feature at the O'Reilly Network.

Paul Zastoupil

New TutorialEdit

21 November 2001

Jacky Mallett has provided a new turorial for multiplayer called The Art of Freeciv. It is a wonderful read, and will probably help players of just about any level.

Paul Zastoupil

New experimental metaserver linkEdit

11 October 2001

A new experimental page for the metaserver has been added. It shows all the players currently connected to servers on the metaserver with their rankings. Check it out.

Paul Zastoupil

Italian Freeciv news siteEdit

20 September 2001

Paolo Sammicheli and Lino Mastrodomenico has put together a nice Italian Freeciv news site kudo's to you guys.

Martin Willemoes Hansen

Freeciv article on Brave GNU WorldEdit

19 September 2001

Brave GNU World - Issue #31 features an article about Freeciv. Take a look!

Martin Willemoes Hansen

New administrator wantedEdit

17 August 2001

It's safe to say that without Thue, there would have been no 1.12.0; most of the new code was either written by him or applied by him.
But there is also a lot of code that didn't make it into 1.12.0, and the freeciv-dev mailing list is very active.
The best news is that we have a new maintainer: Raimar Falke. Help is still wanted in coordinating all the code contributions and getting them into CVS.

Reinier Post

Retirement from administrator post Edit

17 August 2001

As I will not have time for freeciv at this time I will stop functioning as administrator.
For freeciv stuff you would normally mail to me you should try mailing to Tony Stuckey or (appropriate in most cases) one of the mailing lists.

Thue Janus Kristensen

Binaries for 1.12.0 released Edit

14 August 2001

Binary distributions for 1.12.0 are becoming available: Jan Dittberner has provided a Mandrake package, and Andreas Kemnade has provided an update to his MS Windows version. Please upgrade if you were using his 1.11.12 version, mentioned below; it is buggy. See the download page for more details.

Reinier Post

Civworld available for 1.12.0Edit

13 August 2001

The Civworld maintainer Mike Kaufman has released a version of Civworld, our map/scenario editor, for 1.12.0.
Civworld is distributed as a patch against the 1.12.0 source, see the Civworld README file for instructions. Get it here: Civworld patch (0.11MB)

Thue Janus Kristensen

Version 1.12.0 released!Edit

10 August 2001

Version 1.12.0 is available as gzip (5.45MB) or bzip2 (4.10MB).
The list of changes since 1.11.4 can be found in the NEWS file.
Thanks go to all the developers and contributers.
Note that this is only a source code release. Binaries for various platforms will be made available soon.

Thue Janus Kristensen

Windows beta versionEdit

08 August 2001

Andreas Kemnade has compiled a windows version of the fourth beta (1.11.12). You can get it here: (5.56MB)

Thue Janus Kristensen

Fourth beta for 1.12.0 releaseEdit

07 August 2001

The Fourth and final (would I lie to you?) beta for the 1.12.0 release is available at freeciv-1.11.12.tar.bz2 (4.10MB) or freeciv-1.11.12.tar.gz (5.44MB).
A diff against the previous beta (1.11.10) is also available as bzip2 (0.30MB) or gzip (0.55MB).
This beta contains various minor bugfixes.

Thue Janus Kristensen

Donations are possibleEdit

06 August 2001

Tuxgames has been so nice to organize donations to free software projects.
Freeciv is also listed there, so have a look Here.

Martin Willemoes Hansen

Third beta for 1.12.0 releaseEdit

03 August 2001

The Third and probably (really!) last beta for the 1.12.0 release is available at freeciv-1.11.10.tar.bz2 (4.04MB) or freeciv-1.11.10.tar.gz (5.36MB).
A diff against the previous beta (1.11.8) is also available as bzip2 (0.01MB) or gzip (0.01MB).
The noteworthy difference from the second beta (1.11.8) is that a bug that caused it to not compile on some operating systems has been fixed.

Thue Janus Kristensen

Second beta for 1.12.0 releaseEdit

02 August 2001

The Second and probably last beta for the 1.12.0 release is available at freeciv-1.11.8.tar.bz2 (4.03MB) or freeciv-1.11.8.tar.gz (5.36MB).
A diff against the previous beta (1.11.6) is also available as bzip2 (0.73MB) or gzip (1.15MB).
As always you can also use the anonymous CVS access to get the latest source.
The list of changes since 1.11.4 can be found in the NEWS file.
Help us test the beta and report any bugs to the bugtracking system. But please check the BUGS file first.
Have fun and remember to report the bugs! AUTHOR Thue Janus Kristensen

WinCE portEdit

20 July 2001

Jennifer Glover is working on a WinCE port of Freeciv. Screenshots available.

Reinier Post

Beta for 1.12.0 releaseEdit

30 June 2001

The first beta for the 1.12.0 release is available at freeciv-1.11.6.tar.bz2 (3.73MB) or freeciv-1.11.6.tar.gz (4.98MB).
A diff against 1.11.4 is also available as bzip2 (2.57MB) or gzip (3.37MB).
As always you can also use the anonymous CVS access to get the latest source.
The list of changes since 1.11.4 can be found in the NEWS file.
Help us test the beta and report any bugs to the bugtracking system. But please check the BUGS file first.
Have fun and remember to report the bugs! AUTHOR Thue Janus Kristensen

New Freeciv Co-AdministratorEdit

28 June 2001

Hello Freecivers!
I'm pleased to announce that Thue Janus Kristensen <> has accepted the position of co-administrator of the Freeciv project. He will replace myself in that capacity. Tony Stuckey remains as the other co-administrator.
The demands of my job have lately kept me from spending as much time on Freeciv as I've wanted to, and as I've needed to. So, for some time now I have been looking for a replacement.
Thue, who is perhaps most famous for his Isometric View implementation, has been very active in many areas of Freeciv development lately. I'm sure he'll do an excellent job as co-administrator.

Jeff Mallatt

new civworld versionEdit

31 May 2001

Mike Kaufman has released a new version of Civworld, the Freeciv map editor. It is a patch against the current CVS code (1.11.5), so you may have to update your CVS source code tree; see the civworld.README.

Reinier Post abandons 1.11.4Edit

31 May 2001

The public Freeciv gameserver,, will no longer run any 1.11.4 games, due to severe instability problems - nearly every game I played there would hang if one of the players had connection problems, and upon losing connection, reconnecting is often impossible. This causes a lot of confusion.
All Freeciv players are urged to use a recent CVS version. You can play on a CVS server with a 1.11.4 client - they are compatible. Compile your own CVS client if you want new features such as isometric view.

Reinier Post

Gif crusadeEdit

10 May 2001

As is proper for a Free Software site, we joined the merry band of gif crusaders and their slaughtering of the evil gif files.
Today I ran gif2png on this site, and thereby choked a lot of gifs hehe, altough a lot is still left, due to them being animated or transparent.
As a result, there might be some broken links and descriptions which might be wrong. Please notify me if you find any.

Martin Willemoes Hansen

Italian L10N completed.Edit

26 April 2001

Great news, Paolo Sammicheli writes that the Italian Freeciv Community have completed the Italian Localization. Congratulations!
It is available in the LOCALIZATION section.
Besides that they have translated into Italian, check it out

Martin Willemoes Hansen

CIV EvolutionEdit

21 April 2001

Cool a new civ clone has been reported by Iain M.
It is a native windows civ clone, which is completely playable.
Go fetch it. NOW! And see if we can use some of its ideas in Freeciv.

Martin Willemoes Hansen

Freeciv hit by rolling blackoutsEdit

20 March 2001

You may or may not have noticed that was down for quite a few hours, was also down, albeit for a much shorter time. Freeciv has been a victim of the horribly executed power deregulation in California. There is little I can do to get around these problems short of paying very high fees to have Freeciv hosted in a controlled hosting environment. Even if I were to put the machines on a UPS backup, the switches in this building would go down anyway. I apologise for the problems this may cause, but please bear with us.

Paul Zastoupil

New Tileset: TinydentEdit

1 March 2001

This is a new tileset for freeciv. I named it "tinydent", because it is the scaled version of the excellent trident tileset. It has the same size as the dizzy one: 20x20 pixels.
After resizing I had to correct some things by hand:
  • railroads completely redrawn,
  • new character graphics and hp display,
  • most flags also redrawn and size-adjusted a bit
  • and many other smaller fixes.
It took me about 10 hours to make these changes with PPaint on my Amiga.
Go get it from the Download section.
PS (added April 6 by rp) Tuomas Airaksinen has created a 'drop-in' distribution of this tileset that works with the current Freeciv versions!

Tajti Attila


8 February 2001

After Thue brought the Freeciv map editor, Civworld, up to date with the latest code base, Mike Kaufman made some further improvements. Note that Freeciv doesn't offer scripted scenarios in the way that Civ II does. But at least we have a map editor again. You may also wish to try our contributed maps. Or submit your own!

Reinier Post

Isometric viewEdit

8 February 2001

Thue's isometric view patch has been in CVS since January, 25. It allows you to play in Civ II-style (isometric) view, with Civ II-compatible tilesets. One of those, the 'hires' tileset by Tim Smith, is now in the distribution as well.
This feature was high on the wishlist of many; Thue went out and did it!
Please note that it is only in CVS for now, so you will have to compile Freeciv from source in order to use it. See CVS source snapshots.
For a quick impression, see the latest screenshots.

Reinier Post

Mac OSX portEdit

31 January 2001

Thanks to Brian Olson for making Freeciv happen on OSX.
The port is at least two thirds done, and is easily playable from beginning till 500 A.D. or so. Then you start wanting features not implemented yet.
Go get it from the PROJECTS page.

Martin Willemoes Hansen

Claus talks about FreecivEdit

25 January 2001

Claus Leth Gregersen Everybody who might be so lucky will hear Claus Leth Gregersen talk about Freeciv, at this year's LinuxForum in Denmark/Copenhagen.

Martin Willemoes Hansen

New 20x20 tilesetEdit

22 January 2001

Jussi Asp has uploaded a new tileset. It is 20x20 and true color and sitting on the ftp site. So if you play at a low resolution or just want to be able to see more of the map, give them a try. You can check out a screenshot.

Paul Zastoupil

First Two Contributed NationsEdit

20 January 2001

The first two submissions to our new Contributed Nations area have just been posted. They are a very complete Assyrian nation, and a bare Cuban ruleset.
As always, contributions are provided as-is. They have not been tested in any way.
You can find a link to the Contributed Nations area on the Download page.

Jeff Mallatt

New photo of FreecivEdit

18 January 2001

I took a new picture of Freeciv in its new home. Not real exciting, but hey, I have a digital camera. You can also see next to it. I guess you can't tell its a dual PII 333 from the photo. The box on top of is a drive I use for backups, its a lot faster than tape.

Paul Zastoupil

News from ItalyEdit

17 January 2001

Paolo Sammicheli writes that the Italian Freeciv community has completed about 50% of the Italian Localization. Congratulations!
He also reports that they have inaugurated a new mailing list <>, on which wil be discussed strategy, help for newbies and organization of tournaments.
For more news about this very active community, please visit

Jeff Mallatt

Another GUI Server FrontendEdit

07 January 2001

Lars Hoeyer has written a GUI Server Frontend in GTK, called gCivServ (version 0.1), which "runs the server in a different process using named pipes for communication".
You can find a link to this on the Download page, or you can go directly to Lars' Web Site.

Jeff Mallatt

An Area for Contributed NationsEdit

07 January 2001

We are running up against a limit in the code to the number of nations. To allow for people to share new nations, we've created an area on the FTP site for them. You can find a link to this area on the Download page.
If you wish to contribute a nation, upload it to the incoming directory on the Freeciv FTP server:
and send an e-mail to one of the Administrators, so he can move the file to the contrib/nations directory.

Jeff Mallatt

A map editor for CVSEdit

05 January 2001

Thue Janus Kristensen has updated some of the old CivWorld code to work with the current CVS version of Freeciv. You can grab the diff in the contrib/utils section of the ftp server.

Paul Zastoupil

Freeciv in the new yearEdit

02 January 2001

The new year is here, and with it brings some changes for Freeciv.
First, we are moving the official IRC channel over to Point your irc client to and give us a chat on #freeciv. I am there most of the working day (PST) and there are others who are there as much or more than I am. Sometimes we even talk about Freeciv.
Look for more changes with Freeciv this year. is getting some updating. All the game data is going into a database which will make some things much nicer as well as facilitate player ranking. Some changes need to be made to Freeciv before this can happen *hint, hint*. I don't think I am overstepping my authority in saying ther will be a Freeciv release sometime this year as well.
I look forward to more fun this year with the worlds greatest game. Stop by #freeciv and say, "Hi".

Paul Zastoupil

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