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  • 8th Dec 2012Freeciv 2.3.3 is a new bugfix release in the 2.3 series.
  • 10th Aug 2012 – The metaserver has moved to new hosting. The name is still, but any servers running during the transition will still be listed on the old metaserver, so new clients won't see them. Server admins can move their listing by issuing the commands /metaconnection down followed by /metaconnection up (this should not disturb running games).
  • 31st Mar 2012 – Michał Zieliński has ported Freeciv 2.3 to Android! Visit or download the beta from Google Play.
  • 31st Mar 2012Freeciv 2.3.2 is a new bugfix release in the 2.3 series.
  • 29th Mar 2012 – DNS should be back up for everyone within 24h (thanks to Jaakko Heusala for assistance), after which the metaserver workaround should not be necessary. The forum is still down for the foreseeable.
  • 27th Mar 2012 – The main server for is currently down; this means no or Host lookup for the metaserver is also wrong, causing delays when clients try to connect to network games, but the metaserver is still up; as a temporary workaround, use the command-line option -M We don't have an ETA for restoration of service.