Ancients is a modpack for Freeciv set in the ancient North African, Middle Eastern and European world.

Ancients is available for Freeciv 2.3 and later via freeciv-modpack. (Previous versions available for Freeciv 2.0 and 2.1). As of Freeciv 2.5 in May 2015 the latest Ancients modpack was 2.5.1 and replaced an earlier version 2.5.0.

The later Ancients versions are ported to newer freeciv versions by various authors from the original Ancients modpack for Freeciv 1.x. The modpack is not yet fully playtested and balanced for the newer versions. Suggestions for improved gameplay are welcome on the freeciv forum!

At the moment Ancients is in minimum maintenance (updated for new freeciv versions just enough for it to load) on fcmodpacks project on github

Installing[edit | edit source]

The downloaded modpack files and tileset should be installed into freeciv's data directory.

The modpack installers for Freeciv 2.3 or later use a 2.x/ancients subdirectory together with files 2.x/ancients.serv to switch the ruleset in a GUI client, and 2.x/ancients.tilespec to define the tileset. The Ancients subdirectory contains the ruleset in 2.x/ancients/data, ancient nations in 2.x/ancients/nation, and ancient units in 2.x/ancients/trident.

The tileset is a modified trident tileset, various modern units are not used, some ancient units are added. There are no railways and no maglev, and starting Freeciv 2.5 with option -t ancients fails, because the default classic and most other rulesets cannot be started without railways.

To start an Ancients game specify tileset Ancients and ruleset Ancients simultaneousy, e.g., use command line options -t ancients -r ancients. On Windows installations you can also clone a normal Freeciv shortcut in its start menu folder and modify its properties: Instead of auto or say en-GB for the language use auto -t ancients -r ancients or en-GB -t ancients -r ancients, respectively.

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