This page lists historic or ongoing projects to provide better graphics in Freeciv. Please add your own project here if you wish!


Buckyball was a project to play Freeciv on a true 3D globe. It is going to need nice models and textures as it matures.

SVG tileset[]

A project to create an SVG tileset was started by Arturo Espinosa Aldama under the name of Worms, featuring characters from the video game of the same name. The project was subsequently forked by Frédéric Rodrigo who removed the worms theme and called it R-hires!. He aimed for the ambitious goal of having every single piece of tileset-defined sprite being rendered from SVG. This project is nearly completed, but lacks (at the time of writing) any SVG unit sprites.


Blender 3D models[]

Yautja was working on some great Blender 3D models for Freeciv units.


Skyscuffler made a suite of animated models for Freeciv, numbering about a dozen. Originally posted in an Apolyton forum thread.


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