This document gives instructions to creation of stable branches from master.

FIXME: this still needs updating for the move from svn to git

Preparations well in advanceEdit

Patches to be applied to master and new stable branch immediately after branching should be written well in advance. They are submitted to patch tracker as any other patches and are subject to similar scrutiny as any other patch. Most importantly master patch bumps version number in fc_version, but documents require other changes as well. Things to update do change from release cycle to release cycle, but you should check patch from previous cycle for some reference. Patches for S3_0 branching (GNATASK#7972), to start 3.1 cycle, are GNAPATCH#7760 for svn TRUNK, and GNAPATCH#7761 for S3_0.

Announce branching in i18n mailing list so translators can have their say if their translation should not be merged from previous stable branch for some reason.

Create modpack.list for the new stable branch to the modpack server


  1. Merge translations from previous stable release
  2. Regenerate doc/FAQ from the wiki. See doc/
  3. Update ChangeLog
    Instructions can be found from Release process documentation
  4. Branch
    svn cp svn+ssh:// svn+ssh://
  5. Apply master version bump patch prepared earlier
  6. Apply stable branch patch prepared earlier
  7. Add links to files in new stable branch to Lua reference manual