Clients contain the Graphic User Interface through which players interact with the game.

Desktop Clients[edit | edit source]

These clients are downloadable, with current and historical release versions. The game as played through desktop clients is highly modifiable, with many released Modpacks.

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GTK[edit | edit source]

The GTK Client is the classic Freeciv client. Additionally, it contains the Freeciv Map Editor.[1][2]

SDL[edit | edit source]

The SDL Client possesses a convenient GUI.
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Qt[edit | edit source]

The Qt Client is relatively new, but has an improved GUI.

Xaw[edit | edit source]

The XAW Client is considered as "historic", see X Athena Widgets on enwiki.

Freeciv-Web[edit | edit source]

Freeciv-Web clients are played online through a web browser at on the Freeciv-Web online server. Access is uniformly rendered by the web client the server provides to the browser (not desktop clients.)

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HTML5[edit | edit source]

The Freeciv Web Client is the standard, 2D Client for Freeciv-Web.

WebGL[edit | edit source]

The WebGL Client is a high-quality, 3D-rendered client for Freeciv-Web using the Three.js 3D engine that requires WebGL 3D hardware.

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. GTK++, stability, and the uncluttered future (Nathan Willis, 2013)
  2. Gtk 5.0 is not Gtk 5 (Allison Lortie, 2016)

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