Key features planned for future releases:

3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 and beyond
  • Extended ruleset editor
  • Ruledit saves default comments about ruleset sections
  • More action enabler controlled actions
  • World object (contains map and more)
  • Configurable clauses
  • Tex AI built in by default
  • Tex AI: Military advisor at separate thread
  • Raw & json protocols supported in the same build
  • Drop Gtk2 client
  • Gtk4 client
  • Qt6 client
  • Lua 5.4
  • Windows-8.1 as minimum Windows version
  • Meson based build system, as an experimental alternative to autotools
  • Ruledit saves default comments about ruleset entries
  • Counters support (cities)
  • Runtime selection between normal/web server modes
  • Drop Gtk3 client (gtk3.22-client remains)
  • Meson based build system no longer experimental, used for majority of tasks
  • Initial .modpack metainfo file support
  • Full Ruleset Editor
  • Unit counters support
  • More action moddability (enablers, consequences, costs, etc)
  • Tile extras built by cities

This is a list of features that the maintainers want to add to the next releases, currently labeled "3.1", "3.2", and "3.3". Please do not edit this page unless you have Git write access.

TODO list[]

  • generalize requirements GNAPATCH#1338
  • Figure out a way to add animation to the map drawing backend.
  • New governments rules.
  • Improve AI attitudes and diplomacy (ex.  AI should prioritize its survival and seek peace when losing. Relationships should not remain static the entire game (war/peace/alliance). Should accept reasonable deals.)

Feel free to pitch in to help code any of the above.

Construction Zone[]

Category:AI | Gamelog | Event scripting | OpenGL | Savegames | Themes

HRM: 3.1.0 (early development of 3.1) | osdn: 3.1.0 (later development of 3.1) | osdn: 3.2.0 | osdn: 3.3.0