Delegation is when a human player hands control of their nation to another human player.

Delegation can be used when a player is leaving the game temporarily or permanently, to ensure a good quality game continues. (An idle nation may obviously affect game outcome and game integrity.)

How to delegate to another player[]

To delegate to a player named Bob, do:

/delegate to Bob

How to temporarily take control of a nation delegated to you[]

To take temporary control of the nation that Sue delegated to you, do:

/delegate take Sue

How to go back to controlling yourself, from control of a delegated nation[]

/delegate restore

How to cancel delegate control of your nation that you assigned to someone else[]

/delegate cancel

How to see all active delegations in the game[]

/delegate show

Delegation commands for admins[]

Not available to normal players; but for example, only to a Gamemaster, or a Game Organizer:

Delegate Bob's nation to Sue:

/delegate to Bob Sue

Cancel Bob's delegation to whatever other player he delegated to:

/delegate cancel Bob