• May be disbanded in a city to recover 50% of the production cost.
  • May fortify, granting a 50% defensive bonus.
  • May pillage to destroy infrastructure from tiles.
  • Can perform diplomatic actions.
  • Ignores zones of control.
  • A non-military unit (cannot attack; no martial law).
  • May become veteran through training or combat.
  • A Diplomat can establish embassies with other civilizations by moving into another player's city.
  • Diplomats can also try to sabotage enemy production, or steal an advance from an enemy city. (An advance can be stolen only once per city.)
  • A Diplomat can also bribe an enemy unit, if that unit is the only unit on its square.
  • Diplomats can even start a revolution in an enemy city and turn it into your own, if you have the money!
  • In some game strategies, hordes of Diplomats can be used to wreak havoc on the enemy. Little wonder that Diplomats are often viewed with suspicion and fear!

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