Along with the many anonymous donors, we also have:

Horsemen Archers Legionnaires Riflemen Marines Armor Howitzers Stealth Bombers

Lasse Greiner

Roustam Askerov

Kai Bojens

Miguel Farah

William Ingram

Alexander Kalbfleisch

Roy Tate

Erb Avore

Paul Carroll

Per Mathisen

Michael McClelland

John McMullan

Johan Nygren

Stephen Wille Padnos

Niels Leander van Reijmersdal

Alex Volkov

James Blackwell

Patrick Borer

Mitch Davis

Dan Elder

Martin Willemoes Hansen

Peter Kessler

Christian Knoke

Jure Koren

Ian Rees

Philip Semanchuk

Jeffrey Starr

Nicholas Uniatowski

Stanley Wu

Ramon Cahenzli

Zbigniew Karkuszewski

T.J.T van Kooten

Chris Landegent


David Pfitzner

Steve Versteeg

Geoffrey S. Rivell

Tom Woody

T. E. Evans

Todd Goodman

Adolf J. Winterer


  • Ultra 2 (Dual 400MHz, 512MB, dual 9GB SCA drives)
  • Ultra SCSI Differential SBUS controller
  • 1536MB RAM for the Ultra 2
  • Sun 8 bay A1000 with 16MB cache and 8x10k rpm 9GB HDD
  • 18GB SCA drive for backups
  • 3 9GB SCA drives for spares
  • 2 40GB IDE drives for mirror
  • 3 years of domain registration

$2567.22 in total has been recieved. We currently have $414.07 on hand.

A big THANK YOU to all who have contributed.

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