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This page partially describes the contents of a ruleset collection. It is intended as developer reference and for people wanting to create/compile alternative rulesets for Freeciv.

The anatomy of a buildings ruleset fileEdit


The following table shows you all the attributes a building should provide to characterise it comprehesively. The first three columns of a table row form one single line inside the building ruleset file.

Attribute Example Content Explanation
name = _("Airport") The name of the building as seen by the user.
genus = "Improvement" one of: "GreatWonder", "SmallWonder", "Improvement", "Special".
reqs = {
"type", "name", "range"
"Tech", "Radio", "Player"
Requirements to build the building (see effects.ruleset for help on requirements).
graphic = "b.airport" Icon of improvement (used in city dialog).
graphic_alt = "-" Alternate icon of improvement.
obsolete_by i ​ Until 2.6 = "None" Advance which makes building obsolete. Special value "None" means does not become obsolete.
obsolete_by i  ​New in 2.6 = {
"type", "name", "range"
"Tech", "Radio", "Player"
Requirements to obsolete the building (see effects.ruleset for help on requirements).
build_cost = 120 Production shields required to build.
upkeep = 3 Monetary upkeep value.
sabotage = 100 Percent chance of diplomat sabotage being successful.
flags = "VisibleByOthers" Special flag strings. Others are "SaveSmallWonder" or "Gold".
helptext = _("\Allows a city to produce veteran air units. Also, damaged air units\ which stay in town for one full turn without moving are completely\ restored.\

\n\n\ Two cities with Airports can airlift one unit per turn. \ Airlifting instantly transports the unit from one city to another\ and will use all of the unit's movement points. A unit must have\ some movement points left to be airlifted.\ ")

The help text shown in the Freeciv help viewer.
sound = "b_airport"
sound_alt = "b_generic"

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