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This page partially describes the contents of a ruleset collection. It is intended as developer reference and for people wanting to create/compile alternative rulesets for Freeciv.

The anatomy of a governments ruleset fileEdit


Attribute Example Content Explanation
name = _("Monarchy") name of this government form as seen by user
reqs = { "type", "name", "range" "tech", "Monarchy", "Player"
requirements for this government (see effects.ruleset)
graphic = "gov.monarchy" tag specifing preferred graphic (see small.spec)
graphic_alt = "-" alternate graphics tag if preferred is not found
ai_better = "Communism" AI will not consider this government for use if the government listed here is available
rule_male_title = _("King %s") Default ruler titles for the government. Note that some nations can have specific ruler titles. %s will be replaced at running time by a player name.

 i  %s is required only since Freeciv 2.3. Before, player names were always appended to the ruler title.

rule_female_title = _("Queen %s")
helptext = _("\ Under Monarchy, a king or queen serves as a hereditary figurehead for your government. \n\n Monarchy suffers the same small amount of corruption that the Republic does.") optional help text string; should escape all raw newlines so that xgettext parsing works

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