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This page partially describes the contents of a ruleset collection. It is intended as developer reference and for people wanting to create/compile alternative rulesets for Freeciv.

The anatomy of a techs ruleset file[]


name     = _("Astronomy")
req1     = "Mysticism"
req2     = "Mathematics"
flags    = ""
graphic     = "a.astronomy"
graphic_alt = "-"

name is user visible name for technology

req1 and req2 are parent technologies that must be known before this one can be researched. These can have special value None or Never

root_req is another tech required before this one can be reasearched. This is usually used to provide different technology trees for different nations. Make one technology to root_req itself so nobody can gain that technology in the game, and give that technology to some nation in nation.ruleset init_tech-list.

flags is list of special flags for technology

graphic is graphic tag for technology icon. This is sent to client and client should find the tag from tileset files.

graphic_alt is fallback tag in case primary tag is not found from tileset in use.

helptext is extra helptext for technology to be shown in help-browser.

bonus_text is displayed to player if (s)he is first one to research this technology. This is applicable only if technology has Bonus_Tech-flag

cost is used if tech_cost_style in game.ruleset has been set to 3. This is research cost of the technology.

Technology flags[]

Bonus_Tech - First player to research this technology will get free extra tech.

Bridge - Knowledge of this tech allows Settler-type units to build bridges over rivers.

Railroad - Knowledge of this tech allows Settler-type units to build Railroads. Removed in 2.5

Farmland - Knowledge of this tech allows Settler-type units to build Farmland. Removed in 2.6

Population_Pollution_Inc - Knowledge of this tech increases pollution caused by population.

Build_Airborne - This is hint for AI. This tech allows building air units.

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