See also the General FAQ. Many Linux-solutions apply to OS X too.

How do I install X11? Edit

X11 is an application, part of OS X provided by Apple, but not installed by default.

If you have 10.4 "Tiger":

  • Find your Tiger install disc and insert it
  • Open the "Optional installs.mpkg" from the CD
  • Select Applications > X11 in the installer

If you have 10.3 "Panther":

more about apple's x11

How do I troubleshoot freeciv crashes?Edit

Freeciv writes some information to the system log if crashes. To see this, open /Applications/Utilities/ immediately after a crash. Freeciv-related stuff should appear in the bottom.

Freeciv crashes because it doesn't find libXinerama something? Edit

This bug could appear in 10.3 or incomplete X11 installations. To fix it requires either reinstallation of X11 (see above), or some knowledge of OS X internals.

I found this fix: (copied from [1])

  1. Download the Xbin.tgz distro from
  2. Unpack it and locate libXinerama.1.0.dylib in the lib directory
  3. Put libXinerama.1.0.dylib in /usr/X11R6/lib
  4. Symlink libXinerama.1.0.dylib to libXinerama.dylib and to libXinerama.1.dylib in that directory

How do I install new tilesets? Edit

First, the Linux way works fine on OS X (put tilesets in ~/.freeciv).

There is also an OSX-specific solution (taken from [2]):

  1. Download your favorite tileset and unpack it.
  2. Right (or ctrl) click on the client executable and select Show Package Contents from the context menu.
  3. Go to this directory: Contents/Resources/freeciv-x.y.z/share/freeciv
  4. Put the *.tileset file and corresponding folder into this directory.
  5. Start the client and the new tileset should show up in the Local Options dialoge

How do I right click on the map?Edit

To recenter the view, you can right-click either on the overview or the large map (the playfield). To right click, hold the command key (apple symbol key) while clicking.

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