See also the General FAQ. Many Linux-solutions apply to OS X too.

How do I install X11?[edit | edit source]

X11 is an application, part of OS X provided by Apple, but not installed by default.

If you have 10.4 "Tiger":

  • Find your Tiger install disc and insert it
  • Open the "Optional installs.mpkg" from the CD
  • Select Applications > X11 in the installer

If you have 10.3 "Panther":

more about apple's x11

How do I troubleshoot freeciv crashes?[edit | edit source]

Freeciv writes some information to the system log if crashes. To see this, open /Applications/Utilities/ immediately after a crash. Freeciv-related stuff should appear in the bottom.

Freeciv crashes because it doesn't find libXinerama something?[edit | edit source]

This bug could appear in 10.3 or incomplete X11 installations. To fix it requires either reinstallation of X11 (see above), or some knowledge of OS X internals.

I found this fix: (copied from [1])

  1. Download the Xbin.tgz distro from
  2. Unpack it and locate libXinerama.1.0.dylib in the lib directory
  3. Put libXinerama.1.0.dylib in /usr/X11R6/lib
  4. Symlink libXinerama.1.0.dylib to libXinerama.dylib and to libXinerama.1.dylib in that directory

How do I install new tilesets?[edit | edit source]

First, the Linux way works fine on OS X (put tilesets in ~/.freeciv).

There is also an OSX-specific solution (taken from [2]):

  1. Download your favorite tileset and unpack it.
  2. Right (or ctrl) click on the client executable and select Show Package Contents from the context menu.
  3. Go to this directory: Contents/Resources/freeciv-x.y.z/share/freeciv
  4. Put the *.tileset file and corresponding folder into this directory.
  5. Start the client and the new tileset should show up in the Local Options dialoge

How do I right click on the map?[edit | edit source]

To recenter the view, you can right-click either on the overview or the large map (the playfield). To right click, hold the command key (apple symbol key) while clicking.

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