The Freeciv Users and Developers European Conference[]

On August 2 and 3, 2002, a couple of Freeciv enthusiasts met in Amsterdam. Here are some post-event notes.

What happened?[]

Including but not limited to:

the warmup period
where Freecivers crawled under tables to connect the cables, set everything up, discovered it didn't work, and ran around trying to fix things
the introduction round
where Freecivers introduced themselves, explained their involvement with Freeciv, and stirred up discussions about the game, development, future goals and priorities, etc.
the presentations
where Freecivers introduced and demonstrated some current developments:
  • Ingo presented his Teamciv
  • Raimar presented his management agents
  • Thomas S. presented Iuz's war client
and the rest of us were suitably impressed
the cooldown period
where Freecivers went out for a minimum of food and sleep
the afterglow period
where Freecivers rejoined for a boat tour, a museum visit, food, drink, and talk


These people were a great help:

Location, snacks and drinks
2 Klaveren
De Clercqstr 136
1052NP Amsterdam
The Netherlands.
That's IT!, Den Haag


Like Freeciv itself, the event was small but international:

Attendees Who is that?
Martijn van Beers LotR from pubserver and #freeciv
Karl-Ingo Friese Freeciv developer and player ChaosE
Kero van Gelder Kero from #freeciv
Jens Georg One of the German Translators
Geneviève Gracian Player Eneg
Thomas van Kooten FUADEC organizer
Thue Janus Kristensen past administrator
Reinier Post webmaster and pubserver admim
Niels Leander van Reymersdal Quazion from #freeciv and bug reporter
Paul Zastoupil webmaster, host and pubserver admin
Thomas Strub pille from pubserver and #freeciv
Raimar Falke a current administrator
Ian McCulloch Freeciv player and FreeRails developer

Now what?[]

FUADEC is over, but you can:

which was brought up many times, although a date wasn't set
find some of us
on IRC