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Freeciv is a free turn-based multiplayer strategy game, in which each player becomes the leader of a civilization, fighting to obtain the ultimate goal:

To become the greatest civilization.

Players of Sid Meier's Civilization series should feel at home, since one aim of Freeciv is to have rulesets with compatible rules.

Freeciv is maintained by an international team of coders and enthusiasts, and is easily one of the most fun and addictive network or individual-versus-computer video games out there!

That also means it has very extensive multilanguage support, something rare in games.

In general[]


For fresher stats see the Open HUB project page of Freeciv

  • Generally comparable with Civilization® and Civilization II
  • Up to 126 players; Freeciv-web supports up to 500 players.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) computer-controlled players
  • Internet & LAN multiplayer (TCP/IP)
  • Support for a great number of platforms; see Requirements
  • Premade maps & scenarios!
  • More than 50 playable units and over 550 nations
  • Modpack support!
  • Internationalization (i18n): translations for many languages available
  • In-game help system

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Gameplay specific[]

  • Full Fog of War
  • Diplomacy

User Interfaces[]


  • Written in C
  • POSIX-compliant and very portable
  • Scriptable via Lua
  • Port 5556


Freeciv has localisations for over 30 languages. See Interface Language for a complete list and instructions on how to choose one.

Free software[]

Freeciv is Free software and that means a lot! It gives you as a user a great deal of liberty, which proprietary software just doesn't.

A little list of some of the advantages Freeciv has:

  • It's free!
  • The source code is available.
  • You are allowed to copy, redistribute, charge money for & modify Freeciv. For more info on this subject refer to the license.
  • A new release every now and then with new and exciting features!
  • You can influence the development of the game dramatically!
  • It uses the very (free software developers) friendly GNU General Public License.