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Looking for help dont know if i have it set up right but, i like playing large games with lots of nations, so for example ill have 100 nations accross a map thats about 20k tiles, and what appears to happen is the ai does nothing, i keep finding settlers from the ai and its across the map entirely, and it appears that im the only nation building something, i changed difficulty, how many starting units you start out with and the only change is the explorers move around and the warriors do but the settlers and workers just stay in the exact spot and do nothing, so i bring it down to about 40-60 nations and most of them finally settle, but once agian they dont expand, its just one city nations acrross the map, at first i thought it was difficulty and still the same thing, ill have 10 cities and still the ai only has one, this is becoming very frusturating for me, expecially when you spend hours to explore the map and it appears to be the same thing over and over agian, really need some help guys is this a bug is there a patch to fix it would be great for some feedback thanks.

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