One of the game rules I don't really understand is, that in large cities, one "citizen" unit contains more people than in small cities, yet produces the same amount.

Common sense would suggest that if you put more people at doing some task, they can specialize, divide sub-tasks and generally produce more.

If this were factored into economy in Freeciv, by way of an option in economic settings, it could make Smallpox less advantageous.

This could be done by multiplying the output of each worker or farmer by a factor depending on citizen unit size(10 000 for size one, ~160 000 for really big cities), technologies (industrialization, steam engine .. etc), and form of gov't.

Of course, not all people can contribute to relevant production, so a sane implementation would make cities of size, say 12 produce (without improvements) 2x the amount by 12 cities of size 1, 3x for 18 ,4x for 24.. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs)

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