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hello, I just tried the 2.4.0 beta of freeciv, and, being the kind of guys that love playing civ in solo with crazyly big maps and tons of AI player, I enjoyed the new features list with that one...

But when trying it, I had a little frustration when noting that after all those years, the freeciv server is still very dumb when it comes to multicore management, so only one of my CPU threads is used by it when it could make a smart use of all of my cores.

I expect some better multithreading/multiprocess support will come in the future, however... I'm looking for a solution to not wait until them.

So here's my question... Is there some freeciv 2.4 "bot-clients" that would be in reality AIs, but runned as individual clients instead of all of them being managed by the server ?

Basically, what i'm asking, is "is there an headless AI client available for freeciv 2.4 ?"

With it, that would be wonderfull, the OS would manage to spread AIs different processes among all my CPU cores, without any need of revolutionnary developpement into freeciv-server... The AI could take use of the rule "All players play in the same time and the turn ends when everyone has finished to play", and turns would be drastically faster... So, why not ?