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(I'm rather new to freeciv and similar games). Usually to change to monarchy, I just search the "technology", enter revolution, then change to monarchy in the government menu. (Side-question: I found no way to directly make a revolution toward a given regime, have to do it in 2 steps, do I miss something?)

This time I could not do that: in this menu was only proposed "revolution", there was not the usual sub-menu allowing to choose a form of government. My government thus became and remained anarchy. Every turn I got a message saying "you should choose a new government from the government menu", but said menu still was unavailable along many turns, until I gave up. I had to stop because, apparently, even with 100% taxes devolved to research there is no way to advance in technology at all under anarchy (the research menu showed "never" in place of the number of turn to gain a tech); I still needed at least navigation to have chance (this was a tiny map, no need for high level tech to win, but still...)

So, I guess I miss an obvious point; but searches brought up no clue (or is there is a bug? which is not impossible since it's somewhat weird to have a sub-menu disappear that way...) . Can someone help me? What I wish is to avoid this misfortune to heppen again, because I find it rather disappointing to be forced to abandon after hours of play.


As in your previous topic, I suspect the root of your problem is using the Xaw client rather than the Gtk one. -- JTN (talk) 00:27, December 5, 2012 (UTC)
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