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Hello. Me again

I am a hater of smallpox.It may sound weird that I am just a 12 year old and you would think I do not care but I do. I have only played 1 muiltplayer game in my entire life but I still hate smallpox. I try to use largepox but still the smallpox wins. So I was thinking about large large pox where you build lots of large cities. I mean if the big cities are losing to smallpox we need something to fight back with. Comeon largepoxers/I do not really care about smallpoxers lets fight smallpox.

With the size of large cities you could pump out tonnes of settlers. Then that generation of settlers could build tonnes of cities. Then you wait for them to get big then pump out a second generation then you build and wait then pump out 3 generation of settlers.ect. What do you think? 20:06, November 2, 2013 (UTC)