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Hello I'm playing freeciv since 2003, it's agood game especially when I launched about 270 units to attack enemy that has 200 howitzers

Okay, I want to ask two things :

1. I like isotrident tilesets but I would like units graphic from amplio and I try to merge/combine them but the amplio tile is bigger so the units didn't fit with the tiles (too big). Can anyone help me to combine units from amplio (because it's look realistic especially the naval units) and all tiles from isotrident (the land looks good to me)

2. How can I add a unit that is special so only specific goverment type can build it, example I would like to make

F-22 (custom unit of stealth fighter only accesible for USA and NATO member - Democracy) and J-10 only can be build by China, Japan (Dynasty). And Armor,M1A2 Abrams, T-80 so it will be nice if every goverments has unique units) Thanks

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