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A few suggestions for the diplomacy portion of the game:

  • Threats/Tribute -- In Civ II especially, governments are likely to say, "Give me the secret of Gunpowder or I will crush you like a bug!" I'd like there to be some way to tell a country "I'm going to attack you unless you make me happy." Especially as I always found it annoying in CivII that they could threaten me, but I couldn't threaten them, this would be a very nice addition.
  • Add the country name in discussions. There have been numerous times where the diplomacy messages say, "Why haven't you attacked Bobo the Clown?" and I've got to go scrambling for the Nations screen just to see which country that is -- Perhaps color code the name too?
  • In negotiations, ncrease the value of cities versus techs: at Novice especially, and even at Easy, you can trade an advanced tech for a good-sized portion of an AI's empire. This means that you can give them the technology to get to space, and not have to worry about them actually having the production base to accomplish it.
  • It should, in many cases, be a little easier to get to cease-fire. Countries ought to prefer not fighting perhaps a bit more. Or at the very least, it should be possible to extend a cease-fire while still barely in one. Perhaps you don't want a serious friendship, but not shelling each other can still be maintained longer than a few turns.

Joelfinkle 16:41, 18 July 2009 (UTC)

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