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Recently started playing freeciv and I think it's great. Like the best of civ 2 and civ 3 put together. However the governer option in the cities I'm still getting to grips with. I find as the city grows it will randomly take off resource squares and make a tax collector - even when there's no unhappiness. (Any suggestions?)

My main question is about automation. I am finding as I progress through the game I spend more and more time administering cities and telling engineers what to do rather than doing the fun stuff like waging war! What I would like would be a page in the city screen where you can tell it what work you want to end up with. e.g. turn all hills to grassland, road and irrigate, railroad and farmland. Also 'leave specail resources alone'. That sort of thing. And ideally in a graphical interface, like the overview tab in the city screen. When you automate the engineers they never do what you want.

Also early on in the game something like, connecting all cities with roads would be good, and then you can leave the workers to get on with it.

Does anyone agree with me? Do the developers think it's a good idea? Any feedback is much appreciated.


Freeciv 2.2.0 player (Windows)

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