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Platform: Mac

OS: Tiger

Problem: How do you get the damn game started? I fill out the usual suspects, then X11 opens. Nothing looks as the MacRumors guide says it should. Now, Inkscape and Gimp are self-contained, apparently all you need to do is open them from the finder and they take care of the rest. How about making Freeciv for the Mac self contained. Better yet, how about doing a real port of the damn game to the Mac, and stop flat out lying about it being platform independent? Freeciv is a Windows app, it always has been a Windows app, and based on the Mac port I rather doubt the Linux port is anything port a poor imitation of real Linux apps.

You're completely wrong about one thing: Freeciv has always been an X11 app. However, no fewer than 3 ports were developed that allow it to run on Windows without X11. Before any of these existed, someone was working on a Mac port (this was before OS X), but it was never finished. You are right that a native port to Mac would be helpful, and you're very welcome to develop one. Rp 22:04, November 2, 2009 (UTC)
And also that Freeciv is primarily developed on Linux, not Windows. I am not aware of anyone actively working on the Mac implementation. The latest official gtk release of freeciv for Mac is still 2.1.6, though a 2.1.9 sdl version for Mac was released on the forums recently.

You try to find another Mac user to help you start Freeciv. I have Freeciv 2.1.4 for my OpenBSD system; to start the game, I only need to start X11, open an xterm, type 'civclient' and press return. There might be a different way to start the Mac/X11 version? --Kernigh 19:29, November 7, 2009 (UTC)