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I've downloaded the freeciv 2.1.8, compiled it under Fedora 10 and started up.
I didn't notice any bad things happen during ./configure...

Here is the list of steps to reproduce the crash...
1. Click [start new game] btn.
2. I select 5 teams (4 AI controlled).
3. AI skill level (doesn't matter).
4. AI nation set to random. I select one for myself from available lists...
5. Click [start] btn. to begin...
6. Game screan shows up. GREAT :)
7. Do some moves with my units.... (nothing particular)
8. Click [trun done]... clients "start screen" show up. GREAT NOT :(
Any way to solve this?

I have the same problem. Version 2.1.8, Fedora10, GNOME. Number of nations doesn't matter. Nothing I do matters. I click "Turn Done" (or shift + Enter) and the game window closes. Sometimes the game survives until the second turn.
Maybe the problem is just the fedora package? Also the window doesn't fit the screen, but that's not that important, just annoying, but maybe it's something to do with GNOME.
Mamangava 17:29, 6 April 2009 (UTC)