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Hi all, just started playing Feeeciv and having a great time. Just wondering, is it possible to group or band units together so that they move and attack as one force?

There's not much in this area. The gtk-2.0 client (only) has an undocumented "battlegroups" concept, where you can assign units to one of four sets (F1-F4). I don't use it so don't know how well it works, and I get the impression that it's not popular with some of the developers so it might go away. From the source, the controls are:
  • Ctrl+Fn: assign unit to battlegroup (losing existing membership)
  • Ctrl+Shift+Fn: add unit to battlegroup
  • Shift+Fn: select battlegroup
Other than that, you can select multiple units. In the gtk-2.0 client you can right-drag a rectangle over multiple units or Shift+left click to add to the selection. I don't know how it works in other clients.
This just lets you operate in batches, though -- if you issue a Goto order on all the units, they may take different paths. I don't know of a way to (e.g.) have a group of units stay together and only go at the speed of the slowest units, which would often be useful. (Well, I suppose you could micromanage Goto waypoints.)
-- JTN 19:00, 5 October 2008 (UTC)