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Hi. I do have some (good) ideas and would like to realize them. Unfortunately I know very little about informatics and programming. Therefore my questions:

1. Creating new units: I've heard that you have to "edit rulesets", but is it that "simple". How can I integrate the necessary graphics?

2. I looked into the game's directories and saw files with unit graphics of a mounted elephant, a king on his throne, a crusader ... Why don't they occur in the game?

3. I also would like to add knew technologies. How can I do that? When I looked in a government ruleset, I saw "Fundamentalism" which reqires the tech "fundamentalism". Why doesn't that stuff occur in the game?

4. If I manage to "realize" my ideas, who will integrate them to the official game (if they are regarded as enrichment).

Of course I will put my ideas into the forum, in case someone likes them and is able to realize them faster.

Thank you.


Ok ... I've just found most answers to my questions by looking into some other postings. Sorry for my stupid questions.

But one question remains: number 4.

Game changing things may not be put in the official freeciv, but you are more than welcome to share your patch. It can also be hosted on the freeciv download server, and linked from the wiki.

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