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Hello, my name is Felix. I want to set up a private freeciv server on my local maschine( a little server running 24/7). The other players shall connect over the internet, using a dynamic dns (this part I already have).

I'm using Debian GNU/Linux (wheezy) and will run a freeciv-server 2.3.2 . How can I establish this server on my local maschine so, that each player can connect once a day (a round is open for 24h) over the internet without using a metaserver?

I tried it already that way, that I let the server run and connected to it over port 5556. But after a few seconds I got disconnected.

So what did I wrong? what can I make better for my longturn game (it shall run about 365 days)? I am new to configure freeciv. so every help is welcome.

Thanks a lot.