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I have a MacBook with Mac OS 10.4.11. I previously had Freeciv 2.1.2 and it was running... passably, but not great. It always crashed somewhere after AD and I couldn't save games or load an auto-saved game. Or perhaps I just couldn't figure out how. In any event, tired of having games crash, I came to this site and noticed there was a new version so I downloaded 2.1.6. When trying to run it, a popup came up and said I needed X11 (or that it couldn't find X11). I went to the Mac page and found X11, downloaded it. I tried to install X11 and it said it couldn't install as my machine already had more advanced software.

What can I do to make this new version work?

This is all single player at this time. My husband has a somewhat older Mac with OS 10 on it and I intend to set this up for multiplayer if I can get single player to work for an entire game.