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I've been playing freeciv for like a week now and love it. there's just one problem i've had, that until today has been tolerable. sometimes when switching from the map view to the build screen and back again, my "messages" and "chat" tabs and the text box are cut off the bottom of the screen. usually i just alt+shift and there they are again. well today, i was in the research screen picking my next science and the bottom slider to scroll left and right was gone, so i couldn't see all the sciences to the left or right of the ones currently shown. i tried to minimize and restore the window, nope. i tried to resize the window after hitting the resize down button, but the bottom of the window is like an inch below where the Windows Taskbar sits, so i can't even grab it!! i clicked "leave" and restarted, that didn't work either!! also, why is it that the screen doesn't refresh all the time? like when i'm in the build screen and i hit escape to go back to the map, nothing happens until i minimize and restore. like the program knows what i did, it just doesn't want to admit it, so the damn thing changes back to the map view while minimized. hahaha

what the hell is going wrong here? i looked in graphics and found nothing relevant to fix the issue

This also happens to me, and it seems to have started with 2.1.9. Its present on both Windows and Linux (both using the GTK interface). The window sometimes looses its border. It jumps out of maximized and becomes impossible to reposition the window. Its becoming impossible to play a game, because the messages are unreadable.