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I just a ramdom 12 year old playing as my favorite nation (Antartica) trying to actually settle in Antartica! I had to move back to Australia (where I live) because of attacks from the Vampires. Now if each nation got some kind of small advantage (like Antartica having better attack/defence on ice and like Aboriginal Australians (and other desert nation) getting more food from deserts?) that would make life so much easier.

Neil says:

Well, easy is not the goal of the game however I think differing parameters and units is not a bad thing. However I think it should either determine what resources are availble to you or be something you can determine when you see your resources. There's nothing sadder than being india with no elephants or a landlocked England. Perhaps if "special unit" were each technologies you could research and researching one eliminated all the others that might create the national differences without creating an unwarranted "luck" factor.

                                       22:12, June 26, 2013 (UTC)Ramdom 12 year old player (sorry can't give real name)  08:10 am AEST Ready for school and that crappy musical
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