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How do I send my Diplomats into another city? Because they can only move one tile a turn, If I leave them a bit far from the city then in the next turn they will go closer and get destroyed, So how do I send them in without the risk of them getting destroyed?

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To answer your question, you might want to protect your Diplomat with a military unit, like Phalanx or Musketeers. Your Diplomat can follow your Musketeers toward the enemy city. If your Diplomat and your Musketeers are on the same square, then your Diplomat is safe, unless the enemy can kill your Musketeers.
Sometimes, your Diplomat can sneak alone into a city. Notice that each Diplomat has 2 moves per turn, read the "Movement" section in the Units page, and check the "Move cost" in the "Terrain Catalog" of the Terrain page. You want your Diplomat to stop 2 squares away from the enemy city. At next turn, your Diplomat walks through a square that has a move cost of 1, and enters the city without stopping.
In my current game against the AI, I combined both ways. I found an island with enemy Malian cities. (I wanted to bribe the cities, but Mali was a cowering Democracy, so I decided to steal technology.) Any unit that steps off a boat has zero remaining move. My Diplomat needed to step off my boat, wait one turn, then visit the enemy city; so my Musketeers needed to guard my Diplomat for one turn. My Diplomat and my Musketeers landed on Desert, being 1 square away from the enemy city; but the Malian Cannon killed my Musketeers. So I tried again with other Diplomat and Musketeers. They landed on Mountains, being 2 squares away from the enemy city. Next turn, my Diplomat walked through the Desert (because Desert has move cost of 1) and stole technology from the city. --Kernigh 01:01, November 18, 2009 (UTC)