Hello everyone!

I hope you can help or explain me the following cituation:

Out of curiousity i am a bit playing sim city @freeciv atm. That means, i am having a huge number of cities and no real opponent left.

Nearly all of my cities' squares are fully upgraded, mostly Farmlands.

What i want now is that every city grows to its maximum, so i tried to use the Governor with the "max food" setting. I also tinkered a bit with the presets, but it always is the same result in nearly every city:

The Governor leaves fully upgraded (Farmland) tiles alone and prefers to set Taxmen and even, if available, Mines on Hills. Which does not make any sense, cause every city is set to Coinage because i dont have anything to build left.

That leads - for example - for one city to grow in 2 turns if i manually set the workers and in 10 turns if i use the Governor.

Even more, if the city grows, the workers are re-set (but at least not to taxmen) to the mines instead to empty Farmlands which would make more sense.

Can anyone explain me that behaviour?



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