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So I often play Freeciv with 2 buddies. We do this in phasemode 0, so that we can speed things up. But this phasemode has certain... flaw as my opponent said - you can wait for others to end their turn, then make surprise attack by droping forces from ships stationed out of enemy vision, quickly clicking "turn done" and proceeding with said attack after move points were repelnished for your units. This pretty much gives you 2 turns, before he can react. Its pretty deadly on republic/democracy targets, who often have little defense at start.

Could there be some option, with would untick "turn done" button for player who saw enemy movement?


This "double-move" exploit is well-known. There are some existing server options to mitigate it, although none of them do quite what you request.
In 2.2.x there is "timeaddenemymove" option, whose description is: Any time a unit moves while in sight of an enemy player, the remaining timeout is increased to this value.
In 2.3.x there will be an additional option, "unitwaittime": This setting gives the minimum amount of time in seconds between unit moves after a turn change occurs. For example, if this setting is set to 20 and a unit moves 5 seconds before the turn change, it will not be able to move in the next turn for at least 15 seconds. Building cities is also affected by this setting, as well as units moving inside a transporter. This value is limited to a maximum value of 2/3 'timeout'.
-- JTN 18:54, December 30, 2010 (UTC)
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