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Cities fail to thrive00:43, February 22, 2019206.45.181.46
Bug - initial dispersion meets other nation's unit21:04, July 14, 2018JTN
Civ1, civ2, experimental, multiplayer02:52, July 11, 2018Robin Patterson
Is it possible to create a rule or mod to avoid that all unit in a square are destroyed when they lose a battle?02:40, July 11, 2018Robin Patterson
Only one pole? (North Pole)11:33, February 19, 2018Dunnoob
V241 gtk - no research?11:31, February 19, 2018Dunnoob
Manuals an tutorials in PDF ?22:10, November 24, 2017Dunnoob
Problem with hexagonal option for maps12:08, November 19, 2017Dunnoob
Epic win demo13:42, November 6, 2017Dunnoob
Scenarios?10:32, July 2, 2016Dunnoob
Combat statistics in middle-click hover window08:34, July 2, 2016Dunnoob
The One City Challenge05:06, June 21, 2016Dunnoob
How to observe AI player?05:31, April 18, 2016Cazfi
Roads over irrigation?22:11, March 22, 2016Dunnoob
War against AI - can it be won?11:20, December 12, 2015157.132.20.118
Inconvenient Control14:30, December 9, 2015SpringDanilMage
Impossibly Hard22:40, August 28, 201549.182.3.166
Insufficient science output13:33, May 7, 2015Robin Patterson
Default starting positions in scenario games13:20, May 7, 2015Robin Patterson
Disabling wonders.12:43, February 15, 2015Edmund usercutter
How to Change Player Colors?03:39, January 27, 2015Edmund usercutter
Regarding spies12:30, September 29, 2014Sveinung84
Settings menus unreadable on Ubuntu 13.1006:18, September 14, 2014Dunnoob
Problem starting a game with Freeciv 2.4.2 (GTK+2 client)14:38, March 23, 2014Cazfi
Continue playing after victory19:25, March 13, 2014Cazfi
I cannot move in to another sphere of influence13:25, March 1, 2014Cazfi
GTK-Client: The Minimap should be resizable (it's way too small)13:12, March 1, 201485.177.210.28
City ruins18:24, January 1, 2014JTN
Terraforming removes resources12:26, December 31, 2013JTN
Countering smallpox20:06, November 2, 20138.18.145.160
Freeciv-web space race16:44, October 10, 2013107.0.255.194
Why the long wait between turns against AI?22:41, September 30, 2013Cazfi
Could i always have built my cities on a forest tile?22:45, September 29, 201376.30.185.71
Autoplay20:10, September 26, 2013Cazfi
Game doesn't open04:04, September 3, 2013207.237.204.53
I'm looking for the current FreeCiv .sav file format spec18:39, August 27, 2013JTN
Where is the FRACTAL map generator??04:47, August 27, 201376.30.185.71
Ciy properties persisting after conquering05:16, August 25, 201376.238.200.140
What happens to a special resource if a city is built on it?23:52, August 22, 201376.30.185.71
Can the GUI be rearranged any more?02:36, August 22, 201376.30.185.71
Can't get ride of pollution23:12, July 24, 201398.232.75.189
Game Configuration for a Fast Tournament18:54, June 24, 2013201.47.227.226
2-3 tile wide isthmus with enemy across beats me20:03, June 12, 2013DynV
All cities destroyed by Pirates00:07, May 18, 2013JTN
Greatturn is here!13:00, April 12, 2013Davide at debian
Alliance units loading on my ships15:21, April 9, 2013192.77.143.153
Cannot change to monarchy00:27, December 5, 2012JTN
Any way to "fake" multicore support ?04:23, November 18, 2012Moaku
Engels tiles?22:36, November 12, 2012211.31.47.219
2.3.2 AI21:37, November 4, 201270.65.160.177
Do you have to be a computer scientist to play freeciv on a mac?11:07, November 3, 2012Consul Bob
Can't start anything18:37, September 4, 2012Phlox
Howto setup a private freeciv-server?22:01, August 10, 201291.65.228.154
Too difficult01:10, July 5, 2012JTN
Random Nations06:26, February 9, 2012173.238.193.15
Change supporting town?21:54, December 13, 2011JTN
Where can i find the controls to play19:24, November 24, 2011208.53.113.7
Governor15:28, November 6, 201191.135.102.190
Transforming ocean to swamp08:34, October 21, 201168.103.60.61
I Hate Pirates12:44, October 19, 2011Xcanox
Too many losses08:28, July 31, 2011Robin Patterson
Crazy AI?08:48, July 22, 2011151.51.7.113
I can't seem to make treaties with other AIs now :(12:46, April 22, 2011130.159.144.143
Reputation and goodwill.19:39, April 5, 2011JTN
Trade routes - how to manage16:54, January 11, 2011Hima
City building completed16:53, January 11, 2011Hima
How can I make specialists?20:40, January 2, 201192.58.40.109
Please help with mods15:09, October 10, 201082.26.125.249
Mods for idiots18:05, September 26, 201082.26.125.167
Freecivic 2.2.2 crashes (Mac OSX 10.6)09:26, August 16, 201087.162.39.185
Old player returns: wtf happened to the client?03:28, August 15, 2010Hima
Odd Governor06:14, July 28, 201081.10.196.245
Island based not working?22:05, July 21, 2010Kernigh
IPhone FreeCiv17:27, July 17, 201024.9.130.226
2.2 Mac Binary ?14:52, May 20, 201080.109.84.46
(-1) terrain effect16:09, March 25, 201088.74.7.251
How do i change the taxrate (Mac)?13:24, March 15, 201091.130.187.98
Where are all the old players?00:57, March 12, 2010Rp
Mordor - Sauron06:33, February 2, 2010Hima
Special resource: horse14:06, February 1, 201086.33.50.89
Terrain Transformations and Special Resources23:49, January 19, 2010Kernigh
Territory22:13, January 1, 2010Knowack
Purpose of Future Tech.?19:27, December 14, 2009Kernigh
Can't declare war on an AI I'm at peace with20:00, December 6, 2009Kernigh
(Newbie) Losing cities to AI08:13, November 19, 2009Erps
Need help with 'Bribing' Cities01:01, November 18, 2009Kernigh
Freeciv and X1119:29, November 7, 2009Kernigh
Local network10:50, October 27, 200994.21.39.72
Ubuntu how to update freeciv14:53, September 7, 200966.188.153.49
What affects AI attitude?11:47, August 2, 200984.137.190.102
FreeCiv SDL... change AI difficulty?21:25, July 30, 2009Cazfi
Long games08:18, July 22, 2009193.175.53.21
Game Wont Auto Refresh17:24, July 6, 200972.191.82.114
Building Roads to Resources12:49, June 30, 2009Syntron
Muzzled picture21:41, June 29, 2009Mawcs
Irrigation not adding food bonus15:00, June 15, 2009Cazfi
It cut off my buttons!!!23:27, May 31, 200997.122.84.34
Feature suggestion05:19, May 9, 2009Xonara
Placeable notes!08:00, May 8, 2009Lachu
Right click buildings in production list to bring up help22:49, May 4, 2009Baxil
Game (civclient) crashes back to Start Page17:32, April 6, 2009Mamangava
What happened to the river tiles?21:00, April 5, 2009Boozerbear
No mouse movement?16:25, February 21, 200976.11.68.186
A question related to GTK+ version display21:34, February 14, 2009156.34.81.137
I can't get the game to work this version15:42, January 29, 2009Gamebird
Spaceship in 2.1.6 for Windows00:11, December 11, 200884.73.239.114
Polution02:57, December 10, 2008Jesdisciple
I cannot get Freeciv to run...?18:37, October 16, 200872.49.140.99
Grouping/Banding units?19:00, October 5, 2008JTN
Disable client side commands13:12, October 2, 200882.240.114.53
How do i play free-civ with other people?06:13, August 19, 2008Rp
Is there any kind of balance in freeciv?14:22, August 14, 2008Teetasse
Freeciv - VERY annoying gameplay bug (crosspost)23:47, August 5, 2008Lumbrius
Time00:09, August 3, 200888.66.9.203
Play by email00:46, June 28, 2008Hima
Why do unit reload on ships with expended moves23:47, May 4, 200871.164.192.182
Starting war23:45, May 4, 200871.164.192.182
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