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I'm sorry if this isn't the place I should ask this question.

My friend and I really enjoy freeciv, it's a great game, thank you for developing it :)

But, a problem is, that the games last very long (often we play longer than 4 hours) and this is very annoying in multiplayer, because there is no option to save the game, and so often we have to quit the game before it has ended.

I would love an option to save multiplayer games. Other games, like Battle for Wesnoth, for example, have this feature. It allows you to save the current game and continue it whenever you want - in multiplayer.

Greetings, scrawl

P.S. I hope you can forgive my bad english ;)

See Forum:Playing by e-amil for a makeshift solution. If you're on the same computer, you would just close and reopen the game (rather than sending it in between) to change players. --Jesdisciple (talk) 06:42, 10 December 2008 (UTC)
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