Hi, I've downloaded this version, Freeciv 2.4.2 (GTK+2 client), and I'm running Windows 7. When I click on the shortcut in the start menu to begin a game, everything loads fine but when I click the button to start a new game, it tells me it couldn't conect to the server and I have to do it manually. Can someone please provide some help as I'm a bit confused by this.

Thanks, Daniel

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Even for single-player games on local computer, freeciv client needs server to control the game world. Client is just user interface for controlling the player. Usually this fact is hidden by client's ability to automatically spawn the server for itself to use. The error message you are getting indicates that either client fails to launch the server, or the two cannot then connect to each other. Strict firewall could explain that by not allowing client to connect even local server, or server from serving even local client.
Do as it asks. You should have separate shortcut for freeciv server. Laucnh it. If that fails, well, at least we have better located your problem. If it success -> launch also the client, and click "Connect to Network Game" to connect the server you started. Name that always refers to local machine is "localhost". By default the server runs on port 5556. If that success, you can already play the game. However, if you got any firewall prompts to allow server and client to connect each other, setting up this experiment with separate server probably fixed the "server spawned from client" -case too. --Cazfi (talk) 14:38, March 23, 2014 (UTC)