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i have a problem with the option for the map. when i activate the hexagonal not-isometrical option, it is always displayed as the rectangular-isometric. anybody knows what can i do? i've read the wiki-page but it doesnt worked.

greetings from germany, thanks for your help

Have you loaded a hex tileset? The game doesn't stop you playing with a hex topology on the server and a square tileset on the client; in fact it's rather easy to end up like this. The result does have its own kind of logic, but is probably not what you want. To load a new tileset (in the Gtk client), go to Game > Options > Local options and choose a different tileset from the drop-down. For a plain hex game, "hex2t" is a hex tileset; for an iso-hex game, "isophex". -- JTN 21:25, February 17, 2011 (UTC)
where can i load such a tileset? i've set the hexagon option in the gamesettings before starting the game.
btw: i am using the recent beta.
Confusingly, you can't change the tileset until you've started the game (whereas the "hexagon option" you refer to is in the Map topology index in More Game Options..., presumably). Once you've hit Start and got a wonky-looking map, start at the Game menu and follow the instructions I posted before. (This all assumes you're using the Gtk client -- it looks like this.) -- JTN 22:51, February 18, 2011 (UTC)
LOL, thanks for the go to Game > Options > Local options tip, I certainly missed this for some years. Unfortunately the HEX tileset is not good enough for my eyesight, or vice versa :-) In one experiment with command line option --tiles I ended up with a blinking focus tile, immediately aborted, ofc.
In single player games it is quite surprising when a previously set tileset is still used in a fresh attempt without command line option, even for an unsuited topology. Hopefully the UI for HEX tilesets and decent default tilesets for all topologies will be improved in future versions, only 6 adjacent tiles instead of 4+4 should be a good choice, not some unscheduled RTFM exercise as in 2.3.5. The new modpack tool is nice, adding some "and now actually use a downloaded pack" mechanism could improve it. – 20:33, February 17, 2013 (UTC)