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This the description of the wonder "Eiffel Tower"[]

"Your reputation and goodwill among other nations is recovered twice as fast."

What is reputation and what is goodwill?

How do they influence the game flow?

Thanks in advance

It gives you more of what's called "AI love" points, which is reflected in the AI's "attitude" towards you. The mention of "reputation" is partially a reference to an old game mechanic; in older versions of Freeciv, each player had a status viewable by all players called "Reputation", which was made better faster by possessing the Eiffel tower.
The Eiffel Tower is astoundingly effective at getting AI players to like you, which might be helpful if you're struggling to ally with them. Unfortunately, though, by the time you can build the Eiffel Tower, the sides are usually already set. It would also be completely useless in a game with no AI players, naturally. The only reason I would build the Eiffel Tower is for points and/or to prevent an important city from being disbanded due to migration (in a game with migration enabled). 21:21, December 16, 2010 (UTC)