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Hello, I have never used anything like a wiki before, but I thought I'd put out a small suggestion. The suggestion is simply to be able to right-click on buildings or wonders in the production list of a city to bring up help on the building. In the overview tab of the city view near the top-right, when you select something to produce, to be able to right-click on it to bring up "Freeciv Help Browser", in the same way that right-clicking on a technology in the technology tree brings up help.

I would like to second this suggestion. As a new Freeciv player I wasted a lot of time right-clicking on buildings -- both in the production list and in the current-improvements section -- and then going through the painful process of re-navigating to Help > City Improvements > clicking on the arrow > finding the building by name. It would do a great deal to improve usability. Is there an official suggestion box or is the forum the best place to speak up? Baxil 22:49, 4 May 2009 (UTC)
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