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Main menu on Ubuntu 13.10.

Game settings menu on Ubuntu 13.10.

Hi there,

I just installed FreeCiv on Ubuntu 13.10 from the repositories (version 2.3.4). All menus and dialogues are rendered with white characters, making them essentially unreadable. Naturally, this means I can not set up a game and start building my civilisation :(

Any hints on how to solve this are welcome.

I guess white is your default text colour, that freeciv theme does not override. Assuming you don't want to change that (affecting your other programs too), you may change freeciv theme to something where colours work out better. Even with the hard-to-read texts you should be able to start game once to change client options. Game (leftmost menu) -> Options -> Local Client -> Graphics -> Theme. Remember to save the options if you don't have "Save Options on Exit" enabled (by default it is) --Cazfi (talk) 09:25, April 6, 2014 (UTC)