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Hello to everyone! I'm from italy, i'm 19 and i've been playing civ since i was 11. I went through civ2 (it's the one i've playewd more, like 4 years!!!), 3, ctp, alpha centauri and alien crossfire (my favourite!) and civ4+both expansions. I also play your version by a year, and i've got to say that it ROCKS!!! Yes, it isn't the fourth, but it's still a very improved civ2, and it's very fun. The game is much more balanced then the original, and the addition of elite units and nuclear fallout (diff from pollution) brings it to a new level. Still, i have some complaints and suggestions:

1 Removing entirely fundamentalism makes the game less vary. It's true that it was the best gov, but ihmo you should just make it way weaker. I really'd like to see it back in next release. I think you could remove the unhappiness removing thing, while keeping the 50% tech penality and the chanche of making fanatics (they should be unique to fundamentalists and cost shields). This way, it would be arfectly balanced gov.

2 Future tech. You should put about 10 FTs that give you some weak bonuses like in civ4, so that someone can play the game a bit longer. I know it would be difficult to implement infinite FTs, but what about putting in 10 of them, with the last 2 impossible to research for the high cost?

3 That's a dream: having city health implemented! :-D

4 SDI should only make nukes very difficult, not impossible, because now you can work-around them by nuking units instead of cities.

BTW, you guys are GREAT and i don't even imagine the time you spent programming the game from scratch. If you come to italy, i'll be proud to offer you a glass of wine! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Mmm, free Italian wine... I might consider it. :)
Actually, Fundamentalism is available in the civ2 ruleset so you're not out of luck. As you figured out, it was removed from the default ruleset due to balancing issues.
If you want a new feature in the game, I suggest you try playing with Freeciv's new shiny Lua scripting integration. I believe most of this above could be done with scripting. --hima 12:57, 26 November 2008 (UTC)

Hi to everyone!

I've got a suggestion: why don't make freecvi looks like civ III? with the advisors? it is a very funny characteristic of the game. In addition, you should make the right button be able to change the production of a city! it make the game more versatile!

Greeting from Chile, and congratulations too, you have donde a great job. (If you came to Chile, you will have chilean wine ad libitum) —Preceding unsigned comment added by Mauricio1982 (talkcontribs) 18:37, January 26, 2010

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