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I'm not new to civ, i've played the civ series before.

Yet in Freeciv i constantly get destroyed, even in the tutorial level. I was doing fairly well in the tutorial, and i had a large military of phlanx. Then in one turn some new civ (or maybe pirates, they had a arm with a sword for a flag)

Yes, those were pirates. -- JTN 01:10, July 5, 2012 (UTC)

Showed up, built 3 cites, and destroyed all of mine. This has happened many times, and i really don't understand how i'm supposed to prevent it.\

EDIT: I've now lost all control of my units, they just stand around and do nothing, also, why are pirates rediculously ahead on the tech tree?

EDIT: Resolved, i can control my units again, and it turns out my problems were just with the tutorial, i can play the normal game fine.

What version are you using? There was a rather unfortunate bug in 2.3.0 which caused barbarians/pirates to appear far too early in the tutorial scenario -- you're not supposed to run into them before turn 60 normally. It was fixed in 2.3.1 (the current release is 2.3.2). -- JTN 01:10, July 5, 2012 (UTC)