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This is a question. I remember establishing trade routes using caravans in Civilization but in the FreeCiv version I don't think I'm seeing enough information to decide if I'm doing it correctly. I note that when I establish a trade route there is an immediate bonus in gold and lightbulbs but I do not see the effect of having a trade route long-term. The Cities display can be made to show me how many trade routes each of my cities have but do not show which other city (mine, opponent) the route is with or what it is earning me turn by turn.

Am I missing some fundamental screen or menu which will tell me how much a city's trade route is earning per turn and with which other city it is associated with. (Embarrassingly, I can't remember later on as I go to send the 3rd or 4th caravan out to what cities I've already traded with.) -- Mr PeaCH 17:48, 22 August 2008

In the Unix Gtk 2.1.x client (don't know about others), opening up the city dialog for a city with trade route(s) and left-clicking on the trade statistic (where it says e.g. "Trade: 22 (+20)") shows a pop-up, e.g.:
+18 : Citizens
 +2 : Trade route with Cardiff
 +2 : Trade route with Newport
 -2 : Waste
==== : Adds up to
 20 : Total surplus
I'm not aware of another way to get this information. -- JTN 23:11, 23 August 2008 (UTC)

Thank you, JTN! I was not aware of how to do that at all. Works in Windows as well.