Idea Edit

You know that one city that was built entirely on water? Well, lets bring that idea to freeciv!

Perquisites Edit

(For standard build)

==Shaftry 670 bulbs

Bridge Building


(For advanced build)

==Advanced Buoyancy 85000


==Long Anchor 40000

Mass production

==Naval Cities 90000

Advanced Buoyancy

Long anchor

(Tech that gets rid of advanced build limitations)

==Underwater tubing 40000

Mass production


==Tube Travel (like in Futurama) 60000

Underwater tubing


==Mass tube transit 90000

Tube travel


(Tech that allows water farm terrain improvement)

==Water Farms

Advanced Buoyancy

Mass tube transit

(Tech that gives +1 shield to water tiles for water cities)

==Underwater platforms 120000 Mass tube transit

Standard build Edit

Standard build water cities can only built on a coast- a water tile next to a land tile. The settler must be on a boat accompanied by a(n) worker/engineer. When the settler builds, the boat cannot move. All production from the settler's home city is sent to the settler. The settler builds the city when it has accumulated 25 shields from its home city. The city will have these


-It can only be size five until discovery of Naval cities

-If global warming occurs, half the population dies (Rising water) unless naval cities has been researched, the 1/4 dies.

-Improvements have 40% chance of blowing up on global warming (20% with Naval cities)

-Only ten improvements until Naval cities

-Double food requirement until naval cities (people are afraid to "Increase the population")

-May only work water tiles

- -1 content citizen (always eating fish)

-Naval damage doubles until Naval cities


- +1 food on water tiles (No harbors can be built)

Advanced build Edit

These cities can be built on any water tile and acts just like a standard build except it takes 70 shields and an ENGINEER on a boat, and only have these


-No trade until Mass tube transit.

-Only work water tiles

- -2 content citizen (always eating fish and far away from any cities)


- +1 food on water tiles (No harbors can be built)

- one unhappy citizen becomes content if there are five connected advanced build cities (the loneliness is nullified)

Hmm... connected? Ill explain:

Water improvements Edit

Tubing ten turns

This is the water equivalent to a road. This is what is used to "connect" water cities.

Perquisites: Mass tube transit

Underwater platform 15 Turns

This is where workers can go to mine underwater ore. This is the water equivalent of a mine. Building this destroys water farm.

Perquisite: Underwater platforms

Water farm 15 turns

This is the water equivalent to irrigation. This is a farm built on water. Building this destroys Underwater platform.

Perquisite: Water Farms

Building these improvements

To build these improvements you need engineers on boats.

Final Words Edit

Thank you for your time. I hope you consider this in the next release. Thank you.

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