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So I've played a while into a game, and am at about industrial age/modern technology in the 1700's. I've had peace with all 4 AI opponents for a while now, and their attitudes were all enthusiastic or worshipful. I checked again last turn, and they all now read uneasy/ unhelpful. Now, I have not much in the way of military, and took no action that I can see would affect their opinion... So basically, what are the factors that will affect this? 05:09, 9 July 2009 (UTC)

I don't understand it completely, but i have found some clues:
  • If territory to settle goes scarce, your neigbours develop a hostile attitude towards you.
  • If you are at war with a nation, their friends and allies will hate you.
  • If you have the same enemies as another nation, it will propably like you.
  • Exchange of technologies improves relationships. If you exchange a lot, they will like you.
  • If you are technically so superior, that you cannot exchange technologies, then make gifts: like the important technologies such as gunpowder. They will like you for it, but it is risky.
  • As long as the attitude is uneasy or unhelpful, you can still improve the relationship. Once it has gone to genocidal, they will refuse to accept anything from you. 11:47, 2 August 2009 (UTC) --