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Am I right that you link the old 2.2.0. beta1 (windows) instead of the new BETA2 on the main page- "Where is Freeciv"?

the source code link is OK, but the win program's link is old.

there is no new 2.2.0 beta2 win32 file in the directory :(


the beta1 was a fully playable version! GREAT WORK!

For beta2, most players download the source code and compile the game, see Install. Note that beta2 is exactly like beta1 except that beta2 has more bug fixes, see NEWS-2.2.0-beta2. You might stay with beta1 until the game crashes or you meet some bug, like the broken Police Station.

I downloaded the beta2 source code, then I applied a few patches from the bug tracker. So I now have beta2 plus a few extra bug fixes. (I wonder if I should instead grab the 2.2 branch from Subversion.) --Kernigh 15:03, January 15, 2010 (UTC)

Freeciv is a volunteer powered project. Sometimes the Windows package manager does not have time to create binary packages for new releases right away. Right now this is the case with Freeciv 2.2.0-beta2 - only the source code is available. And as Kernigh says above, the differences between beta1 and beta2 are few. hima 20:07, January 16, 2010 (UTC)

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