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Where has the FRACTAL map generator in FreeCiv gone?  Why has it been either taken out of the code or been deactivated? When i choose it, what i really get is the RANDOM generator, which is pretty horrible, everything is mixed together and helter-skelter. At first i noticed the hills/mnts % was not changing correctly and then inland water was not changing, then the whole landmass was not in continents... Why why why?! Anyone know, because with it gone it really makes maps horrible to play.

Ok, this has to do with the startpos=VARIABLE setting, apparently FRACTAL cannot deal with it as one would assume, and when it cannot it actually changes the map creator to a RANDOM map. The work-around appears to be to generate the map with one player, delete the player start position, and re-load the map as a SCENARIO map. Why FreeCiv cannot do this to begin with is beyond my reasoning, i guess that process needs a human.
I've replied in the very similar GNA#21066 that I assume you raised.
-- JTN (talk) 12:24, August 26, 2013 (UTC)