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It's no secret that the original Civilisations from Microprose benefited from numerous artworks, such as pictures when conquering city, or having a revolt etc. I guess, the Freeciv team doesn't have lots of artist to create such stuff, but I had some kind of idea. AFAIK, every image that is located at Wikipedia is freely licensed. So, why not use their images to enrich the world of Freeciv?

This is exactly how I was able to create a large number of the wonder and technology icons used in Freeciv 2.1. It's a great source in general. :)
OTOH, it does not mean that all material on Wikipedia/Wikimedia Commons are usable as-is in Freeciv. Our software is licensed under the GPL while a majority of the material on Wikipedia is covered by the GFDL or CreativeCommons licenses. We choose not to mix these together in Freeciv, as it would introduce a level of complexity with regards to intellectual rights management, as well as require us to include more license texts in the packages. The bottom line is: only material licensed under the GPL (by asking the author to dual-license) or considered in the Public Domain are usable in Freeciv. --Hima 08:35, 24 August 2008 (UTC)

This is not true, the Fair Use laws have greatly changed to allow sites like to exist. As long as you quote the source and modify the image there isn't a legal problem to use a say, 1000x800 image and shrink it down to tile size for use in an open source game.

Do fair use laws allow you to license a derivate under GPL? I don't know, but would assume "maybe" at best. However, everything GPL- and LGPL-licensed piece, as well as each PD-licensed piece on Wikimedia Commons can be used. Another resource is BurningWell.Org.
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